Wednesday, 19 February 2014

...a roll of tissue and a pen.

The other day I was chatting with a friend during a long bus drive to Mombasa. I love traveling, I always have. Since I discovered the secret to not gushing my intestines out every time I am in a vehicle, I have loved traveling.

For as long as I can remember, I have dreaded traveling. I dreaded entering into a vehicle that was moving and was full of people. I always felt like I was suffocating, and then this suffocation would move to nausea, and nausea to a  flowing of all the contents of my intestines onto whatever and whoever was near me, that would leave me wrenching in pain and embarrassment. Mostly embarrassment.  I hated cars to say the least.

 But I have come to learn how to deal with this menace. Growing up makes you wiser, after all.
  1. You avoid food six hours before the traveling moment
  2. Once in the vehicle, distract yourself from the stuffiness and the possibility that you might be dying slowly from suffocation as a result of the other people with bigger noses taking up all the oxygen
  3. Sleep the whole journey
  1. Carry a couple of black paper bags just incase

So the other day I was chatting to a friend during an 8 hour bus drive to Mombasa. Yes, all in a bid to distract myself, as sleep had cruelly evaded me without reason.
Now, the reason why I love travelling is not so much because I now trust my stomach to behave itself while it is in a car. No, not at all.
To be honest, i actually carry with me a couple of paper bags, a leso, two rolls of tissue, Orbit chewing gum, some perfume and a pair of extra panties, as it does happen, sometimes when I am throwing my stomach out, that my bladder goes loose!!! Yap!I said that!

Not to worry though, actually my bodily functions have been behaving themselves so well these last two years. However, as my sister always states about everything,
 "It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it"
So I carry my emergency pack with me every time like a ritual. After all, you never know.

So, as I was saying, I was chatting to this friend of mine. And that I love travelling. The thing is, I like sitting with people I do not know when I am traveling. One, because if it does happen that I puke on them, the disgust on their face will disappear once we go our separate ways. Two, because I can control whatever conversation we have or do not have. And three because I believe I like meeting new people.

Also, while traveling, I carry along my music, my laptop and a notebook and a pen, because you can never be prepared enough when that million dollar idea pops into your head, or when that inspiration strikes.

And this is truly why I love traveling.

It is when I am traveling that that sixth sense within me awakens,
the one that makes you hear that silent cord or voice in a song that you had not heard before,
the one that makes you see all this beauty you were blind to before,
the one that makes you remember those memories you never thought you had,
the one that awakens such life, such passion, such creativity and such determination.
The one that rejuvenates you, 

The one that enables you to see life from a different perspective...from the eye of an observer!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Wooing the sexy back!

As the year came to a close last December, the whole question of being sexy occupied my time one way or the other!
Now, like most girls my age, the age where the attention from men that you want to attract starts to worryingly dwindle, the whole issue of being sexy usually takes on a life of its own.

So this past month i have spent quite a considerable amount of time trying to find out from my very able 'Cul-De-sac' , Google, glossy magazines,and other sources not worth mentioning what the being sexy means. You will be surprised the number of articles that have been written about this topic. And the different definitions given to this one word will make your head reel from exhaustion and confusion.

So you want to know if you are are some made up experiments the 'Cul-de-sac crew' came up with just to clear the confusion!!!

Experiment 1: So you are seated, with your girlfriends, at a car wash, open drive way with food and drinks. Smiling and looking attractive. Who is the first person a guy talks to?

Experiment 2: So you are out for a walk. Completely dressed down and all, even in slippers. Who looks like a mboch?!

Experiment 3: How many times has someone insinuated or even stated ( knowingly and unknowingly) that you are younger that you actually are?

Girls, if you win 2 out of the 3. You are officially sexy! If you win get the 3 out of 3, you seriously give the rest of us a bad name!!! And you better sleep with one eye open!

Now, i am told being sexy has been the in thing long before Justin Timberlake coined the song bringing your sexy back and Caroline Mutoko joined the list of aspiring sexy women in Kenya.

The thing is, while everyone else was joining the sexy band wagon and trying to woo it back to their houses, for me, having clean clothes, and clean skin underneath them was enough.
Well, fast track a couple years ahead, and i guess a gal just has to figure some things about herself at some point no matter how much more evolved she thinks she is.
So here i find myself today asking myself where my sexy is and what the hell it looks like, when girls years younger than i and the entire 'Cul-de-sac' are already owning theirs and splashing it out for display like it dont cost a thing.
Such a shame! On me? Yes, it is when you have girls around who were born to be sexy, while you have such a vague idea what the word itself means.

I am often very comfortable in my skin... i have been able to love myself with warts and all. I never really understood those girls who were affected by peer pressure and had issues with their weight, wealth and looks. I always believed i was beautiful, very intelligent and gift to the world! And it helped that everyone else kept telling it to me so much, i grew up believing it. Staunchly so.
And i thought that was all.

However, in todays world, a girl has to do more than just be comfortable with herself, she has to run the world, literally. And in order to survive, more often than not, you have to know how to strut your stuff. And this requires you to be sexy.

So, if you are like me, i am sure by now you are asking yourself what being sexy is all about then, yes?
I asked the same question a while back, and this is what the sexy Guru had to say;

  • Its about attitude- meaning the air that you carry yourself with
  • It is all about the right kind of clothes (more to come on this)
  • It is about having some kind of mystery- (note: here mystery is achieved by talking less and leaving your listener wanting more)
  • It is all about posture
  • It is about loving yourself- read taking good care of your nails, brows, lips, feet, hands, hair etc
  • It is all about youthfulness ( well to be fair, wanting to be forever young is not just a preserve of the women, the men are joining in too!)
All sounds too easy, right? Yes, but all too elusive.

So this year, as February begins and Valentines begins to fast approach, i set out to find my sexy and woo her (or is it him) back home. Not because i want any man to notice me, but to prove a point to the 'Cul-De-sac' crew and more especially to myself, that i have got it!
Because after all it really is not about the number of men who line up talk to you, it is about you crashing the bar that has been put and then going ahead and setting your own standards.

Oh, and yes, i failed all the three sexy experiments, but watch this space, i never stay down for long, and most definitely i am never out! ;-)