Saturday, 31 May 2014

There are no ugly women, just lazy ones!

Almost three months ago, my very cool 'cul-de-sac' crew challenged me into becoming a  "Va-va-voom woman" Their words exactly! :-)

They went ahead and invented a  sexy experiment mainly to help me up my game. And as you now, I failed the experiment. But i did promise that i would make a major comeback after being given pointers on how to bring my sexy back.

To say the least, i was excited to begin my journey.

Now, for those who don't know me, I have never really had any kind of fashion sense or style or anything to do with looking good.I am a natural. And at times proud of it! :-)
I don't know why or how, but when it comes to matters dressing, saying i suck, is putting it way too mildly!

I remember, immediately after high school, i worked in a salon for two years. It is here that i got to experiment with a little bit of beauty stuff; nail polish, fake eyelashes, new hairstyles.., i even got my second and third ear piercing and dyed my hair red during this time.

We would laugh at people and point out their mishaps every now and then.
And when it did happen that a lady who was well dressed and looked hot came, we would admire. And then immediately point out something negative.., you know like probably she looked terribly ugly naked? That is why she spent all her time looking great dressed up!!! hahahah!It was a very interesting time.

And i think, that was the prime of my fashion radar. :-)

You see, left to myself, when it comes to style, i would go with orange flowered shorts and a black and white checked shirt anywhere any day!!! I love being practical.
Luckily, i have a sister and cousins who are very meticulous about dressing, and have over the years saved me from being a walking Christmas tree.

So, the first thing i did towards attaining my "Va-va-voom" status was to become friends with make-up. Now, it was not easy. But after a few hitches here and there and at times risking having the look of a ghost in a Nigerian movie, i got my groove. And i fell in love. Today, i am addict.
Mmmmh! Come to think of it, I guess that explains the facial selfies that i am always sending to people, as if fearing they might forget my face!

Yeah, my mind has a thing of celebrating even the smallest milestones that i make. Like looking good in a photo? Yeah, That kind.

So today, i want to consciously celebrate this milestone. The make-up milestone! lol!

Now, i don't want to sound like am gloating or trying to sound like the expert here, but i feel like i want give some motivation to girls like me out there. The naturals. I am sure i will be told to hold my horses and relax but hey, i want to share. And nothing is going to dump my spirits today.

So, here is my two cents:

I am not sure where this journey will take me, or even how long this looking good thing is going to last for me but one thing i have surely learnt these past few months is that there are no ugly women really, we are just too lazy to put in the effort.

So here is to not being lazy and putting in the effort.., and looking beautiful, even though just for a while. Cheers!!!

Monday, 26 May 2014

In my head...

It has been a while since i jotted something down. Yeah...This has been one of those months. The crazy ones. The ones that eat you up, wholly, wholly, without chewing. And eyes dry, without a blink.

The ones where you run up and down chasing people, deadlines, time, money, Trying to grasp what you seem not to reach. Stretching, straining.

And as i sit here, all alone. In quiet stillness, except for the clicking of the keyboard keys. The ocean roaring. The chilly breeze dancing on my face, my arms. The sun disappearing into the next world. Darkness slowly creeping in.

I feel a longing, a deep longing.., to fly. To soar up into the sky and stare down at the world. Not a care in the world.
I slowly exhale and let all cares leave me. And i am just here. My mind clears. My heart lightens and my eyes brighten. And all i feel, for a moment, is calmness.

If i could hold this moment still, exactly as it is.., let all else disappear, and sit, here, staring, into nothing. If i could have this for a few more minutes. Just a few more, I would be home.

Well, i have to run. I am walking home after all. So, later.