Sunday, 14 May 2017

Maybe you need a Bigger Vision...!!!

When you grow up with practically nothing,  you learn to appreciate the little things,  little joys and little victories.  Maybe too much even. 

You become satisfied with the little progress you make in life,  maybe because you think surely the Lord has been good enough to me already...

So you pray little prayers,  asking for little things and wonder why the Lord is not answering.  And you think maybe if you reduce your request a little,  then God will give it to you.

But.., have you ever thought that the reason God is not answering your prayers is because your request is too small for a God so big???!!!

My dears,  learn to not pray small prayers,  they set limits. If you pray bold prayers,  God will do bold things in your life.

Don't settle where you are,  if you'll dare to Ask,  God will bless you indeed. God can lift you out of that place. He can put a new song in your heart. He can put a spring back in your step. He can set you on high.

Ask God for supernatural increase.  Ask God for unprecedented favour.  Ask God to bless you in unusual ways,  not average,  not ordinary. 
Our God is a supernatural God, dare to Ask for Supernatural opportunities. That  is the God we serve.