Wednesday, 19 March 2014

No Sir, I am not 'Wife Material'...

The other day, I had the privilege of sitting with my very dear friends to catch up after a very long time. As usual, it was amazing. If laughter adds years to your life, I am very sure that I have added 21 years to mine in just two days!

Now, these days, a day is not really over until the topic of marriage finds its way into my conversations! I tell you if I was given a note for every time  the word marriage left my mouth, I would be the richest wife-to-be a dude could ever marry in these parts of Kenya. :-)

So we started by updating each other on what's happening in our lives, everyone obviously not that interested in the usual banter about the weather, relocations and jobs that we were giving.
However, when the topic on men and marriage came up, you would not move anyone from their seats no matter what.

Now, I should tell you that 2014 is officially the year that people my age are going to get married. I can not tell you the number of committee invitations, wedding line-up requests and wedding invitations I have received so far...and it is only four months into the year. This year is going to be mega I tell you...i can already feel it.

However, woe unto you if you have no clue when your day is going to be, or worse still if you do not have a prospective man tucked somewhere in your life. Have you met such ladies?, I tell you the fear and desperation, can be seen in their eyes and felt in their voices. It is torture.

Lucky for us, a good number of us have a man they have already trapped, have set a trap for or planning to do so. So we were safe. Or so I thought.

However, as the conversation went on, I was amazed to realize the extent to which a lady would go for a man. All in a bid to be seen as 'wife material' and snag that man, and have him take you to his parents.

If you ask me, this 'WIFE MATERIAL" tittle is a curse.

And for whatever reason, the title 'wife material' has been used to refer to me more often than I can remember, (Heheheheheheh! I know, funny, right?) and the truth is I do not like it. Why you ask?

Well, mainly because I suspect the man who coined it was just looking for a way to get free milk without buying a cow!

Really, what is the logic behind trying to find if a woman is wife material before she is even a wife? I don’t get it at all.

So today, you find young, independent and intelligent women running after a man just to prove that they are 'wife material'.
And they cook, do laundry, clean after him, become yes people, change their dressing, their likes and dislikes and even their friends. All in the hopes of becoming a wife someday.
And the sad part is that more often than not, they don’t.

It is just annoying.

So, here is my take, you wana know if I am 'wife material'? My dear, you have no way of finding out other than marrying me first. Period.

Otherwise, I have no business behaving like a wife now.

I have a whole lifetime to show and prove to you that I am. For now, I am just a young woman trying to grow up, so allow me to be just that.

And, if it so happens that you are interested, my dear, I insist, you will just have to take a chance on me.