Thursday, 23 October 2014

Mystery is definitely a lady.

I just had to find the dictionary to be sure. And mystery is defined as something that is difficult to  understand or comprehend.

Talking of mystery somehow reminds me of a song by Kenny Rogers. I think I first heard this song when I was in high school. At my uncles place in buruburu. I remember thinking, wow! So powerful a message in so little words. And I fell in love with it.

It talks something about knowing when to hold on, fold out, walk away or when to run.

It has been said that a wise person always holds his cards close to his chest. Arms folded, palms on chest I assume?

Recently, my folding resilience was tested. I had to look people in the eye and pretend that nothing was going on. Hide critical information. Participate in forming plans that I knew I would not be executing. And not give a clue away. I had to be mysterious.

Well, I think I may have pulled it off. Of course, coupled with me ending up with sweating palms,  smelly armpits, trembling legs, anxiety, an almost loose bladder and am pretty sure high blood pressure.

I, have never known how to fold my arms to my chest for long. I always end up stretching them out. I am,often, an open book. A pitifully honest person at times.

Think of those  once famous hostage movies where where everyone is armed to the tilt. And then, comes this negotiator who goes in completely unarmed. It seems crazy and stupid. But it always works out in the end.
And yeah,  I know that  it is because it is just a movie.

But, is it possible that in a world where people expect you to always have some explosive hidden under your vest, coming out unarmed is actually more shocking and unarming?

Could it be that hiding information and acting mysterious actually prevents you too from using it? Forcing you to play the equation in your opponents perspective?

They say mystery is a lady...hehe! Well, then I think I can  now understand why female suppression dates back to creation. Mystery is a b****!!!

I would choose painfully honest over mystery to fight my wars any day.
I know it sounds stupid and naive, but I think stretching your arms out often knocks the wind out of people more than we can imagine.

But hey, that's just me, musing over nothing.